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We will be holding our own internet safety day on Monday 11th February
Look at for more information.


The internet is an exciting, entertaining, and educational place. Like the real world, however the virtual one has inappropriate and even dangerous places for children to visit. Thinkuknow is an educational program that has been developed by CEOP to promote online safety and is being used in our school to promote safe use of modern technology. CEOP are the Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre. Their website is where you can find out more information. 
As so many of our children have access to mobile phones and computers, we are teaching them aspects of E-safety at school through PSHE lessons and whole school assemblies. The children will also have some dedicated E-safety lessons which will give children advice on the following and teach them to be "SMART"
·         Safe:Keep safe by not giving out personal information – such as name, email, phone number, address, or school name – to people who you don’t trust online.
·         Meeting: Never agree to meet anyone you have only met online unless your parent or carer is with you.
·         Accepting: Do not accept emails or instant messages, or open files, images or texts from people you don’t know. They can contain viruses or nasty messages.
·         Reliable: Not all the information found on the Internet is reliable and people you meet online won’t always be telling the truth.
·         Tell: Tell a member of staff or your parents if someone or something you encounter online makes you feel uncomfortable.
A parent’s best defence is to set reasonable ground rules and stay alert. By following this link, you can have a look at some of the information and advice for parents from CEOP's thinkuknow website.  
We look forward to continuing to work with you for the safety and well being of all our children.