The Grange Community Infant School

I play, I learn, I belong

Inter-house competition

PE at The Grange




We have introduced a new inter-house system at The Grange which has provided the children with more competitive opportunities in school. The children  are split into 9 teams which are named after colours and teachers from across the school lead a team.

Every half term the children take part in a PE challenge day where they are able to compete against other teams and earn tokens for their own team. These have been thoroughly enjoyed by the children so far and in a recent questionnaire some of the children commented that this is one of the things they love most about PE. 

The children are also able to earn tokens individually in PE lessons and during after school and lunchtime clubs e.g. multi-skills, dance, football. During our Celebration Assembly on Fridays the children are given the opportunity to show any awards, medals, certificates and trophies that they have been awarded outside of school and are given a token for their achievements.


There is a PE board dedicated to our inter-house competition in the hall. 


During a recent whole school circle time, each sports team voted a Year Two boy and girl to become sports leader. They will have many important roles and responsibilities throughout the year including counting tokens, leading warm up/cool downs, helping with equipment and meeting with Mrs Porter to talk about how PE can be further improved in the school. Each Sport Leader received a special Sports leader badge in a recent assembly. The children are really looking forward to starting their new role this year!