The Grange Community Infant School

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Eco Schools

We are an Eco-School. Our Eco Committee are working hard to promote this within our school.



Latest news from the Eco Team 


Litter: we regularly have Wombling themed litter collections to help keep our playground and playing field litter free.

Healthy living: thanks to  Mrs Van den Brul we have many lunchtime activities which keep us fit and healthy.

Waste: we  recycle all our fruit waste and lunch food waste through the council. We have a silver caddy bin in every classroom for the fruit waste and 3 kerbside bins for the fruit and food waste.  These are emptied daily into 2  wheelie bins which are collected weekly.  We are also recycle ink cartridges and the FROGS have organised Bag2School clothing collections.

Energy:  Our lights around the school turn off automatically which is saving a lot of energy. "The school also takes part  in "Earth Hour" every year when all electricity is powered off in classrooms and the children are taught about the importance of not wasting electricity.  We also take part in 'The Big Battery Hunt' where children bring their 'used' batteries into school for recycling.

Water: Our school taps turn off automatically to ensure we are not wasting water.


Transport: Our school takes part in the 'Golden Boot Challenge.' This challenge  encourages the children to use an alternative way to get to school instead of using a car.


Marine: We have 'adopted' two dolphins one for each of the Key Stage One year groups.  The children are receiving regular updates about the bottle-nosed dolphins we are supporting. 


Biodiversity:  The school grounds are kept litter free and wildflowers are regularly sewn to encourage a variety of different species into our school grounds.