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School Council

School Council





At the Grange we have an active school council.  Pupils from Years 1 and 2 are elected by their peers and serve on the Council for a term.  The elected children wear a sash with a badge and photographs of the current Council are displayed in the library so that everyone knows who they are.  At the end of their office each child receives a certificate of thanks.


The Council meet once a month.  Meetings follow an agenda and minutes of each meeting are typed up and councillors report back to their classmates.  The Council has a code of conduct and an action plan devised by the children themselves.  The duties of a school council are to represent the pupil voice, set a good example to others, attend meetings and carry out school council business.  They also produce a termly newsletter.  Time and resources are allocated to ensure that the role of the school council is dynamic and effective.


At the Grange the school council has achieved many things, here are some of them:


  •     Awards from McDonalds Litter Free Schools scheme.
  •     Involvement in planning special days/weeks, such as Feeling Good Week.
  •     Shoe recycling scheme.
  •     Involvement in the confederation of school councils (with local schools in the area).
  •     Writing playground behaviour rules.
  •     Encouraging healthy eating.
  •     Involvement in achieving our Healthy Schools Award.
  •     Promoting children's rights to an education through Comic Relief for G8 Summit.
  •     Choosing playground equipment.
  •     Designing a buddy scheme for the playground.