The Grange Community Infant School

I play, I learn, I belong


Welcome to Poppy Class


This week we have started our topic of Explorers. We are reading the book "The Greatest Explorer" and we have thought about what we would take on an adventure to the North Pole, who we might meet and how we might get home. We wrote stories about our time at the North Pole too. We also thought about the Northern Lights and used a variety of adjectives to describe them.  


In maths we have been exploring numbers to 50. We have thought about how we can make those numbers using tens and ones and have continued to use them and find them on a number line and in the part whole model.


In science we have been thinking about seasonal changes. We went on a winter walk around the school grounds, made a weather chart to show the winter weather for the week and conducted an experiment with ice.  


In handwriting we are working on the formation of the capital letters, F, E and H. Next week it will be V, W and X. 




Mrs Mckechnie                                   Mrs Peel

Mrs Flindell                                        Mrs Burvill  



I, mum, dad, like, my, house, have, the, there, go, to, is, was, look, saw, by, he, she, his, her, they, were, and, are, people, friend, be, because, who, children, here, today, we. put, come, up.