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Welcome to Poppy Class

                    Happy Birthday

In May we have six birthdays coming up so we would like to wish

Emily and Oscar a very happy birthday for the 6thsmiley 

Quinn for the 11th smiley

Rory for the 13th smiley

George for the 14th smiley


Oliver a very happy birthday for the 23rd smiley

In Literacy ... 

... we having been focusing on the story Little Red Riding Hood.  Children drew a story map and then wrote the story themselves.  There were some super retells of the story! We have also been concentrating on hand writing and keyword spellings.  


In Maths ...

... we have been learning to measure height and length.  We started with non-standard units of measure before moving on to standard units and measuring objects in centimetres.  We learnt that it is important to line the ruler up correctly.


In Art ...

... we have been looking at pattern.  We designed are own patterns and then tried to do our own Aborigine art.  We also finished off our blossom tree paintings.

Blossom Tree Painting

Measuring Using A Non-Standard Unit

Measuring In Centimetres

Partitioning Numbers into Tens and Ones


Looking for Signs of Spring

It was lovely to welcome back all of the children after their Easter break and everyone seems well rested and keen to learn.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to us.


Best wishes,

Mrs Peters, Mrs Bond and Mrs Anderson-Pearce 

Making and Painting Clay Animals

Investigating Maps

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Summer 1 Home Learning

Spring 2 Home Learning

Spring 1 Home Learning

Poppy Class Photos 2020 - 2021

Christmas Art

Ordering Numbers

Painting Winter Pictures Using Cool Colours


Firework Art

Clay Conker Snails

Using the Part Part Whole model

Harvest Collection 2020

Working together to record facts about Marie Curie

Pirate Ship Pictures

Count on Me

A video by the staff at The Grange Community Infant School


A video made by the teachers at The Grange Community Infant school



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