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Welcome to Poppy Class

In Literacy, children have been learning about significant historic individuals and have written sentences about he facts they have learnt.  So far we have learnt about Marie Curie and Emmeline Pankhurst.  Children took part in an activity where boys were asked to draw a picture of the classroom and the girls had to write sentences to describe it, boys could draw around a square, circle and triangle and the girls had to do it free hand and the boys could go outside to run around and the girls had to sit and read on the carpet.  This helped to put across the message of how unfair it is when boys can do something but the girls can't.  Elsie-Mae and Juniper started started a protest which resulted in the girls getting a run around in the playground :).


In Maths, we have been looking at place value and identifying the number of tens and ones in a two digit number.  We have used ten sticks and ones to represent this.  We then moved on to comparing numbers using the <, >, and = symbols and ordering them.

Ordering Numbers

In Phonics ...

... we have been practicing the following diagraphs

(two letters that make one sound):


le, wh, ph, ew and, au


Please continue to practice these at home.

In Art & DT, children have learnt about cool colours and how to mix paint.  They created some super winter paintings.

Painting Winter Pictures Using Cool Colours

In RE ...

... children have been thinking about big questions such as 'Why is the sky blue?' and 'Why am I here?'.  We then thought about what our big questions might be.

In ICT ...

... we have been talking about internet safety.  Using the ThinkUKnow resources, children watched a short animation about Jessie and we discussed what to do if you see something online that makes your tummy feel funny.  Next week we will talk about who are our trusted adults ... the people who we can talk to if we feel worried.

If you have any questions about your child's learning, please do not hesitate to speak to us.


Mrs Peters, Mrs Bond & Miss Selwyn


Firework Art

Clay Conker Snails

Using the Part Part Whole model

Harvest Collection 2020

Working together to record facts about Marie Curie

Pirate Ship Pictures

Count on Me

A video by the staff at The Grange Community Infant School


A video made by the teachers at The Grange Community Infant school



I, mum, dad, like, my, house, have, the, there, go, to, is, was, look, saw, by, he, she, his, her, they, were, and, are, people, friend, be, because, who, children, here, today, we. put, come, up., came, could, into, no, where, when, ask, don't, out, what, you, your, all, call, me, one, said, very, full, our, school, their, time, says