The Grange Community Infant School

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Personal, Social, Health, Economic (PSHE)

PSHE (Personal, Social, Health, Economic)


PSHE as a subject helps to embed the school aims, values, SMSC, behaviour to learn and safeguarding policies. 


At The Grange, the children enjoy a broad and balanced curriculum and we are creative in the way that we plan and teach all subjects. We believe that this approach motivates and inspires our children to learn. Our vision is to create a love of learning that will continue throughout life. Child initiated learning is used throughout the school and we encourage independent thinking using the Learning to Learn dinosaurs. We believe that every child has their own unique gifts and abilities and should be valued for their individuality.


PSHE is a National Curriculum subject which contains several specialist areas. The main areas are:

  • Emotional Health and Wellbeing
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Relationships and Sex Education
  • Drug Education
  • Staying safe- including e-safety
  • Financial capability

‚ÄčLessons and questions addressed to children will be appropriate to their age, maturity understanding and need. Correct vocabulary for terms will generally be used during PSHE lessons in line with all other curriculum subjects. Often questions will be addressed to the whole class but should a need arise questions may be answered on an individual or small group basis. Professional judgement will be applied and in support of the schools safeguarding policy. 


At The Grange, PSHE lessons happen on a weekly basis and more if there is a need. PSHE is taught by the class teacher who are trained and confident in the delivery of PSHE. 

Each Half Term is based around a SEAL Theme (Social and emotional aspects of learning).

  • New Beginnings
  • Getting on and Falling out 
  • Saying no to bullying 
  • Going for goals
  • Good to be me 
  • Changes ‚Äč


In addition to the taught PSHE curriculum we provide a number of enrichment activities to support the curriculum such as 

Healthy Eating Week

Election of School Councillors

B.L.U.E week (be lovely and understanding to everyone)- in alliance with national Anti bulling week

Feeling Good Week

and many many more


Within Early Years PSHE is seen through the PSED area of learning- (Personal, Social and Emotional Development)

Children in Early Years are within an enriched environment where PSED learning takes places on a daily basis. Children within Early Years are assessed on 3 areas:

Self-confidence and Self-Awareness

Managing Feelings and behaviour

Making Relationships

Children are also taught about safety including e-safety and hygiene.