The Grange Community Infant School

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                Owl Class

BLUE Week was a very busy week.  On Wednesday we joined a virtual assembly with Mrs Edwards for Remembrance. We got to look at some medals from a soldier and stood for a minute in silence to think of all the soldiers that  fought in the war.

On Thursday we got to come to school in blue clothing, this was to help reinforce our school themed BLUE Week (Be Lovely and Understanding to Everyone). We thought about who our friends are and what makes a good friend. We thought sharing and being kind were very important. 

On Friday we made Pudsey Bear ears, as we talked about the charity 'Children in Need'.

In Maths we have been looking at number 6 and using dice. We have been focusing on recognising the dots on a dice and being able to represent that number using blocks. Next week we will be looking at numbers 7 and 8.


We are going to begin our new topic of 'People who Help us'.  We are going to begin by learning facts about occupations such as doctors, nurses, fire fighters, soldiers, vets, life guards and many more. The children are invited to bring in photos or books related to this topic. 


The children are doing really well with their phonics and we are now starting to blend CVC words such as c-a-t. This can be a bit more tricky so please help children with this at home. Some children may find VC words such as 'in' easier to start with. Please contiue with the daily reading and phonic practice at home. smiley

Phonic resources:

Jolly Phonic Songs. 

If you copy this web address into youtube you can see Geraldine the giraffe learning a sound. 


Ms Miller, Mrs Hill, Mrs Hiscocks and Mrs Vincent-Morris