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Welcome to Owl Class



In Class this week we have enjoyed writing about Frozen! We have been thinking of sentences to describe parts of the story. Once we have thought of our sentence we count how many words are in it so we know how many finger spaces are needed. We are using keywords off the keyword wall to help us with our writing as some of them can be tricky to remember such as 'like'. 

In maths we have been looking at number bonds to 5, this is where two numbers join together to make a whole numbers. To help us out we have been using the part-whole method which has allowed us to think of lots of ways to make 5. 



In our circle time this week we though of new years resolutions and targets we would like to set ourselves in school to get better at. Some of the targets we came up with were 'to get better at my keywords', 'to write my letters correctly' and 'to do more number bonds'. 

We will have to 'persevere' with our targets to achieve them. We have been discussing what persevere means and how we have to be stick-a-saurus' and not give up even when we find things tricky. 



Mrs Mattholie and Mrs Hill 






Key Words which the Children will learn through the Reception Year.





the, and, I, Mum, Dad, Look, in,


a, can, love, to , she, he was


come, here, and, the, it ,is


they, this, like, went ,you, said


we, go, are , little, came, with


at, out, so, no big, my


very, me, help, her ,wanted, looked,


for, some, all, what, his, has


when, its, up, of, had, on,


that, there, then, but, for put


be, them, got, called, see ,were


from, now, I’m ,old, saw, your


About, an, as, asked, back, by


Children, could, day, him, into, just


Do, made, Mr, Mrs, down, not


make house off don’t oh one


People, same, their, time, too, will



How to form letters


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