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 Welcome to Hedgehog Class! 


Good morning Hedgehogs. Did you get to jump in any puddles yesterday?



Our literacy learning:

I would like you to watch this video of the story of ‘I do not eat the colour green.’

Can you write a sentence of what green things you like? Can you also write a sentence about what colour your favourite food is?



Our maths learning:

Today we are going to be thinking about when things are nearly full or nearly empty.

When something is nearly full it means that it is almost to the top but there is just a little bit left. When something is nearly empty it means there is only a little bit left in the bottom. Look at the picture below.

Can you see the nearly full bucket? Can you see the nearly empty bucket? Have a go at making something nearly full and nearly empty.



Our topic learning:

As we’ve read the story ‘I do not eat the colour green’ I would like you to think of the rainbow.  Can you make a rainbow of food? You could write each piece of food in the colour of the rainbow that they are. For example





Blue cheese (like stilton)


Black grapes

Can you think of different items of food from me? I’ve left a very easy blue one for you to think of.  The other colours should be easy to think of food for.



 Our Phonics learning:

For Phonics this week we are going to be following the videos set by the government. If you haven’t been using them I suggest you start back at video 1 if you have then you are just follow on from where you are.

The link for the videos is:

They post new video up at 10 everyday so just do one a day, following their order.


Mrs Allan smiley

Our special song to make us feel better.




If you have any learning that you have done on a piece of paper, in the book we gave you or anywhere else that isn't on purple mash and would like you share it with me then you can upload it into you 'work' folder on purple mash. I would suggest taking a picture of what you want to share and uploading that. 

You do this by: 

1. Log into purple mash as normal.

2. Click on the yellow 'work' button up the top (next to the to dos)

3. Click on the upload button. 

4. Choose the file you would like to upload.  

5. Click on the purple done button. 

6. You should now see you work in your 'work' folder

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