The Grange Community Infant School

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Healthy Schools

At The Grange School we have already achieved Healthy Schools status. We are now undertaking a project which we hope will enable us to achieve enhanced status. This involves all staff having a whole school approach to behaviour managment through the 'restorative approach.' Children are asked a series of questions to help them understand the effects of their behaviour on others, what they can do to resolve conflict and  how they can repair any harm caused by their actions. They are asked:

What happened?
What were you thinking?
What were you feeling?
Who has been affected by this?
What do you need now to move on?
What needs to happen now, so that the harm can be repaired?


All classes will have 'sorry boxes' so that children can communicate to their peers by leaving a note or by recording a message into a 'sound button'. All classes also have regular circle time discussions about positive behaviour and forming relationships.
Our project to achieve Healthy schools status also involves developing our playground. Our lunchtime leaders of play will have specific roles, encouraging the children to form effective relationships with each other and play in a co-operative and positive way. We shall be purchasing new playground equipment and transforming our play spaces into zones to incorporate a drama and role play and an area for physically based play.