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Clearly things have been rather unusual for  Fern Class this week, but the children have been amazing and again adapted to changing circumstances.  I thanked them for continuing to work hard with their learning and may I also thank all of you for your support.


During BLUE week (Be Loving and Understanding to Everyone) the children  carried out lots of learning under this banner.

In Literacy our focus story was 'Shaun the Shy Shark'.  We considered how Shaun felt at the beginning of the story and of his qualities and how these changed as the story progressed after he met some supportive sea creatures who valued his differencies.  This led into further discussion of our differencies and how these should be celebrated as we are all special.  We watched a clip from CBeebies about Poppy Day which featured a rabbit and wrote speech bubbles to describe his feelings.

In Maths we have been learning about money.  We began by lots of practise of coin and note recognition.  We used a feely bag to describe a coin and had to guess which one it was by the size, shape and colour.  Any continuing practise to support this learning would be appreciated.


We learnt how to choose the correct coins or notes to make an amount.  Next we added two amounts, firstly pence, then pounds then a mixture of both.  We know how we need to add pounds first (notes and coins) and then the pence.  We worked out the total amount and the change using a number line.  

Our PSHE learning this week has been linked to BLUE week.  We began by thinking about the word 'cooperative', and what we can do to be cooperative both at school and home.  After writing about how we are special we thought about who was special in our lives and wrote about them too.  

We would be grateful for any practise of counting in 5's and 10's both forwards and backwards, as this will greatly support our maths learning.


Mrs Edwards is looking forward to seeing your Home Learning Journals on Monday.



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