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It was lovely to welcome the children back for the next exciting half term.



In English, we began with writing about what we got up to at half term.

Then we moved onto writing about a few historical events.  Firstly we learnt about the events of The Gunpowder Plot which we ordered and then wrote in our own words.  We then wrote about fireworks night and tried to include some onomatopoeia. 

We watched a clip called 'Poppies' which introduced us to the meaning of Remembrance Day and wrote setting descriptions for both prior to and during the war.

In maths we have re-visited our Year One learning about money.

We started by recapping the coins and notes within British currency.  We then added amounts, first coins, then notes then a combination of coins and notes.  We used a number line to help us.

We then moved on to finding different ways to make the same amounts but had to remember that we do not have a 4p coin etc.

Any practise of counting money would greatly support this learning which will continue next week.

In science we have continued our learning about materials.  We have carried out two experiments.  The first of these was to observe what happened when one ice cube was left out in the air with another covered by fabric.  We were amazed that the ice cube which was covered was slower to melt, and learnt that this is due to the insulating nature of fabric (due to the air trapped between threads).  We then carried out another entitled 'Rocket Mice' which the children may have been able to show you at home.  In this experiment we learnt how different plastics (depending how soft or hard they are), allow us to apply different levels of force which then apply pressure to the air inside a bottle.  It was a very exciting experiment!

In other learning we have started to learn in History about the how people communicated in the First World War and compared this to how we communicate today.  In Design & Technology we are learning how to sew.  We started with learning to thread a needle (this was very tricky) and we realised we have to hold the eye of the needle tightly in order to not have to keep re-threading the needle.  We have learnt how to sew using running stitch and how to tie a knot.  In R.H.E. we have learnt what 'being pressured' means and how we can resist being pressured into doing something we do not want to do.

I have suggested to the children that they could practise any learning about coins or notes in their Home Learning Journals this weekend.



Please do not hesitate to speak to us if you have any comments or concerns.


Mrs Farrell, Miss Grove, Mrs Flindall, Mrs Luis and Ms Canon



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