The Grange Community Infant School

I play, I learn, I belong



It was lovely to welcome the children back after half term, they have been enthusiastic and ready to learn.


Yesterday was World Book Day.  We all had lots of fun and the children looked amazing.

In English we started our topic of 'Fire, Fire!' by learning about The Great Plague.  The children retold how The Plague started, what happened, how people tried to avoid getting it and finally how we know so much about the event from the diaries of Samuel Pepys.


This week, Book Week, our writing was stimulated using the text 'This Moose and Me' by the author Oliver Jeffers.  In the story the main character Wilfred writes a set of rules for a moose, who he initially believes to be his pet.  The children then tried to imagine if they had a pet moose, what they would want it to do and they wrote their own set of rules for it.



Our maths learning has started with measure.  We first learnt how to measure length and height in centimetres and then metres.  The children loved finding things in the classroom to measure with rulers and metre sticks.  We also compared the lengths of two objects then more than two and used the terms short, shorter, shortest and long, longer, longest.


We then moved on to measuring mass.  We initially measured using cubes and then standard units of measure 'grams' we also introduced 'kilometres' as a greater weight for measuring mass.  

In science we have started to learn about animals and their habitats.


We started this topic by thinking about what things are alive, dead, or never been alive.  We went on a hunt in the school grounds to record things into these categories.  We then sorted a number of objects into these separate categories.

In history we have been learning about Pompeii and locating Italy and where Pompeii was on a map.  We have been learning about the Roman Empire and the countries it encompassed.

In design and technology we have started a project which involves wheeled vehicles.


We started by looking at a number of objects with wheels and considered why objects had a certain number of wheels and how the wheels were attached onto the body of the object.  The children were introduced to the words axel and chassis.


They labelled their own drawing and wrote about these parts.


Thank you to the Dads and Grandads who came in for the reading afternoon, the children loved it (photos below).


I look forward to seeing the children's Home Learning Journals on Monday.


Mrs Farrell, Mrs Saengmanee, Miss Grove,  Ms Canon and Mrs D'Costa



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