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We have been amazed at how quickly the children have settled into the new routines in Year Two, particularly as many of them were away from school for so long.  It has been wonderful in our class bubble to see how new friendships have been developing, whilst still being excited to see and wave at our other friends in the other class  bubbles.

In English we have been basing our learning around the book 'Morris the Mankiest Monster.  The children have thought about interesting adjectives and phrases to describe both the character Morris and his house.  They have been reminded to ensure they are spelling the keywords taught in Year One correctly.

Our maths learning has mainly been around 2-digit numbers and understanding the place each of these digits holds (tens, ones) and partitioning them into their tens and ones, for instance 78 = 70 + 8, drawing the tens and ones to show this learning and developing their understanding that this means 'seven tens and eight ones'.  We have also been jumping on a number line and working out the missing numbers on a number line when counting in 2's, 5's and 10's, both forwards and backwards.  Any practise to support this learning at home would be greatly appreciated.
We have learnt a great deal about materials and their properties.  The children designed their own chair labelling with the materials they would use with which properties and why.  We also investigated how some objects can be squashed, bent, squeezed, but some cannot change shape in this way.

It has been a busy but fun week, may we wish you all an enjoyable weekend.


Mrs Farrell       Mrs Saengmanee        Mrs Flindell

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