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Book Week Home Learning 11.10.21 - 15.10.21

Last week the children performed our Harvest Assembly song beautifully to the rest of the school and we were very proud of them all.


Today we visited New Haw library.  The children walked sensibly with their partners, showed great respect and behaved impeccably on the trip which meant that we all had great fun.

We have enjoyed 'book week' and have been introduced to the story 'We're Going to Find the Monster!


We began our learning about this text by acting out through drama some aspects of the book and enjoyed joining in with 'We're Going to Find the Monster'.  


The story depicts the imaginary journey of two children visiting various places around the world (which were actually really in their house) in the hunt to find a monster (who in the end was really their big brother).  We concentrated on the adjectives used to describe various settings and created our own map with adjectives to describe our imaginary locations.


The writing was quite simple and therefore the children were encouraged to focus on their handwriting formation - they rose to the challenge and produced some excellent pieces of work.  

In maths we have been learning how to add and subtract using the 'column method'.  We used resources to aid our practical understanding of this concept.  


Whilst it can be tricky, most children are now able to lay the learning out correctly in the tens and ones columns and can add and subtract when the tens digit doesn't need to be exchanged.  Some children were just beginning to understand the concept of carrying a ten when adding and exchanging a ten when subtracting.

Our topic learning has been Geography this week and we have been learning about 'bodies of water'.  We first learnt the difference between marshes and swamps.  We then moved onto learning about streams and rivers, where the children were introduced to the terms 'source' and 'mouth'.  Finally we learnt that lochs and lakes are the same, salt or freshwater, but that lakes are called lochs in Scotland.  Using Google Earth we looked at various Scottish Lakes including 'Loch Ness' which we will be learning more about next week in our English lessons!

Any learning you may be able to complete over the weekend about Loch Ness would greatly support the English learning next week.


I will be collecting them in on Monday.


We hope you have a great weekend.





    Mrs Farrell                Mrs Gordon    



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