The Grange Community Infant School

I play, I learn, I belong



Welcome to Daisy Class! 

      Our topic this half term Cool and Crisp. We will be using the topic to learn all about the The Artic. The children have already shown great interest and are particularly keen to learn more about the animals living there.

      This week has been Blue Week so the majority of our activities during the week have focused on kindness and how we treat others. The children are very good at discussing feelings and talking about how our actions can affect our own feelings as well as those of other people. 


      In maths we have been learning about money. We have been using coins to make given amounts and finding multiple ways to make the same amount using different coins. We have also introduced notes and have begun to add with these too. Some children are forgetting to apply their knowledge of counting in 5s and 10s to help them with this. 

      We spent some time at the beginning of the week talking about Remembrance Day and its importance. The children wore the poppies they had made with pride as they walked into assembly.

      Our Star Awards have gone to Ava and Katarina and the Kindness Cup was presented to Luca, well done to them all. We enjoyed reading about what Daisy the Duck-billed Platypus got up to at Marlee's house and she has now gone to spend some time with Colby.