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We have had a really great few weeks learning about The Plague and The Great Fire of London. The children have been fully engaged and have been very enthusiastic about the topic. We have learnt about the signs and symptoms of The Plague and designed warning posters to help keep people safe. We have learnt about Samuel Pepys and the importance of his diary and have had a go at writing our own diary entries as if we were there at the time. 


In maths we have been learning to measure in centimetres and metres before moving on to learn about weight (kilograms and grams) and capacity (milliletres and litres). We are now learning about fractions of both shapes and amounts and learning the associated vocabulary (whole, half, quarter, third)


In science our focus has been habitats. We have discussed various habitats and named animals that may live there. We have also talked about how some animals have adapted to their environment, particularly focusing on the camel.


In RHE we have been learning about money and how to get it and keep it! We have learnt about different ways of paying for things and different places that our money can be kept. In D and T we have designed our own wheeled vehicle, made a mock up using paper and then moved on to make our final wheeled model.


Please do not hesitate to talk to us about your child. The best time to do this is at the end of the school day.




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