The Grange Community Infant School

I play, I learn, I belong


Welcome to Clover Class


It was lovely to welcome everyone back after half term! We have had a busy start to Autumn 2.


In Literacy we wrote about our half term and thought about Fireworks night, writing a poem about the sounds we hear. Next we learnt about Marie Curie and wrote down as many facts as we could remember.


In Maths we have been learning all about 2D shapes (square, rectangle, triangle, circle, pentagon and hexagon) and 3D shapes (cube, cuboid, pyramid, cone, sphere and cylinder). A great home learning idea would be to find any of these shapes at home, maybe using a 3D shape to print some 2D shapes. 


In Science we have begun to look at materials. We each found an object in the classroom and thought about the materials it had been made out of. We thought of lots of other materials that we couldn't find. How many materials can you find at home?


Thank you for all the pebbles that came in, especially if you bought extra! We used them to paint poppies in preparation for Remembrance Day. They look great!


New Keywords: 

his, her, they, were, and, are


Handwriting letters taught so far (refer to handwriting crib sheet for accurate formation):

i, l, t, x, z, c, a, d, g, q, o, e, s




Miss White and Mrs Goodway