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 Buttercup have had an interesting week this week.  We have been learning about Emmeline Pankhurst and what she did.  We found out that she thought it was unfair that women couldn't vote but men could.  We then travelled in time to see what it felt like.  There were activities that the boys could do and activities that the girls could do.  We weren't allowed to mix.  We thought this was unfair and we understood what Emmeline had meant when she thought things weren't fair.  We even made our own posters about it too.

In maths we have been counting up to 20.  We have thought as these numbers as 10 and a bit.  For instance 14 would be 10 and 4.  We have used 10s frames and something called dienes to help us show these numbers.  We have also looked at one more and one less.  We even tried showing the numbers as number sentences: 10+4=14 and 14=10+4.  We still need a bit more practise at this as it is a little tricky.  We will be continuing to find the 10 and the 'bit more' in our numbers next week.


I hope you have a good weekend.  I look forward to seeing your Home Learning Journals on Monday.


Mrs Allan

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Our Fireworks Poem


Wizz in the night.
Crackle go three fireworks
Pff spurt fireworks
I heard bang and poof
It goes bang and bang
Boom! Bang! Flash!
I heard pop and I heard crackles
Pff went the fireworks
Crackle went the fireworkds
Red in the sky
I heard boom
The fireworks went bang
Wizz across the sky
I hear bing bong
Wee across the sky
I can hear pop crackle and kaboom
Rainbow colours in the sky.