The Grange Community Infant School

I play, I learn, I belong



Our current keywords are; is, there, to, the, go, have. The children have been working really hard to ensure that they are spelling them correctly all the time. They have also been pointing out pieces of writing where letters are not formed correctly. The children have written about who lives in their house, what is on or in their body and will be thinking about their journey to school too.



In maths the children have been practising working with numbers to 10. They have used the greater than and less than signs (< >). They have tried to remember that the 'crocodile' always eats the bigger number. They have also been trying to remember to put an equals sign between two numbers that are the same. They have been linking their understanding of different representations of numbers. An example of this is finding numbers on a number line to show which is greatest and which is least rather than making towers of blocks.