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School Councillor Profiles

School Council Profiles Summer Term.

The following school councillors have written profiles:


Eliza Collis

My nameis Eliza and I am 6 years old. I like riding my bike, dancing and playing Hide and Seek. My favourte colour is green and my favourite movie is Frozen.


Sophia Hill

My name is Sophia. I am 6 years old. My favourite colour is pink. I love dancing to Michael Jackson music. I love doingfun things with my Mummy and Daddy.


Tabbi Ogelsby

My name is Tabbi and I am 7 years old. I am in Daisy class. I like doing ballet with my friends. I am proud because my friends voted for me as a school councillor.


Joshua Hayles

Hello my name is Joshua Hayles and I ama 7 yearsold. I live with my mum and dad, my two sisters and our dog Max. I enjoy playing on the playstation and going for walks wth our dog.


Aaryan Sharma

My name is Aaryan and I am 6. My favourite vegetable is cucumber.  I like riding my bike with my brother and my dad.



George Monk
My name is George Monk from Daisy class. I am excited to be a school councillor.  I love spending timewith my family and I love going to the park. I aalso enjoy my time at school as I love learning different things.


Ben Baird
My name is Ben and I am in Clover class. I like swimming andI like riding my bike. I have a cat called Biscuits.


Kassian Akhtar
My name is Kassian and I'm 5. I like bayblade and football and acting and basketball and ferraris.


Emily Moult
My name is Emily Moult and I am 6 years old. I enjoy swimming lessons and going to Stagecoach where I dance and sing.  I also enjoy living with my family and being at school. I am looking forward to being a school councillor. It was very nice of my class to elect me.


Emily Curling
I am in Fern class. I am in Year 2.  I like writing and colouring. I ike doind street dance for two hours on Saturdays.


Aarush Gupta
I love playing football and catch. I like to learn new things. In Year 1 my favourite topic of learning was Space.


Archie Hanney
I am in Year 2, Fern class. I am 7 years old. I love playing football. My favourite teams are Chelsea and Woking. I have one brother and his name is Jack.


Katherine Marrion
I am in Buttercup class. I have enjoyed moving up to year one with my friends. I am so excited about being a school councillor.  I enjoy reading, trial biking, gym and karate. I am 5 years old. I have the best daddy in the world.


Poppy Merrall
I am in Daisy class. I am 7. Red is my favourite colour and like doing Art and PE. I like having free play.


Oliver Knowles
I am in Poppy class. I am 5. I like playing tennis and football and rugby on Sundays.


Ruby Collins
I am in Poppy and I am 6. I like Art. I play with my family. My Mum and Dad give me lots of hugs. I play with my friends and at home on my DS.


Isabelle Lewis
I am in Clover class. I am 5. I like playing with Phoebe and Charlotte. I love dance and PE. I like playing with my friends.