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   Poppy have been busy thinking about Being Loving and Understanding to Everyone.  We have discussed all sorts of different scenarios about what makes us special and unique.  Despite the fact that we are all different and unique we are all equally important.  We explored this in many different ways; through a story book called I like bees I don't like honey;  a poem called The Crayon Box that Talked and making our own special jigsaw puzzle piece.  Maths stayed very practical this week with thinking about how two digit numbers are made up from a tens number and a ones number.  We worked on this with arrow cards and then dienes using a part part whole model.  After this we went on to thinking about addition with counting on; again we did this practically using counters to show it on a number track.  This is a really important skill so if you are stuck for ideas then you could have another go at this in your Home Learning Journals this weekend.  In art we looked at the artist Kandinsky and the paintings he created and we even listened to some Wagner (his favourite composer).  Next week we will be creating our own art work based on his painting.  We also went on a materials hunt around the school and thought about why the designer of the school chose that material for that part of the school.  You could do this as well with anything you find at home!  On Friday we were lucky enough to have Quantum Theatre in for a performance and they we enjoyed it so much and even tried to use some of our maths skills during the show.  In PE we pretended to be toys and tried to move like those toys would.


Have a lovely weekend.  I haven't seen some children's Home Learning Journals for a while so I hope that I will get to see everyone's Home Learning Journals on Monday.

Miss Wane

If you are looking for the Year 1 Singing Group songs to practise with you will find them here, in the link below.