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Happy Half Term! Poppy have been all the way to Japan and back.  They have loved finding out about the differences between our lives and the lives of people there.  They have drawn manga characters, made sushi, made teru teru bozu dolls, tried origami and thought about whether they would be a geisha, ninja, samurai, sumo wrestler, or a performer of kyogen or noh theatre.  We have learnt to count in Japanese and even tried to use chopsticks!  We also designed our own kimonos.  We learnt a song called Plant Rice and a dance called The Coal Miners Dance.  The children can show you how to do it!  We also had the opportunity to play some Indonesian Gamelan in a workshop.  We loved this!


We all loved the origami and found it quite tricky but it is really good for our fine motor skills so I think you should all have a go at some over the Half Term Break.  I'd love to see it in your Home Learning Journals.  Mrs Adams will be looking at them when we come back so let's have as many as we can!


Here are some links to some origami instructions

Enjoy your holiday and come back well rested!


Miss Wane