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Welcome to Poppy Class Page!!


Poppy have started the new and last half term full of energy.  We have been practising with the whole year group for Sports Day.  We have also been thinking about time in maths.  Lots of us have found drawing the hands to show the time really tricky.  Please practise this at home.  The other thing we found really tricky was using the vocabulary of faster and slower to describe events and also using the language of earlier and later to describe when certain things happen or when trains or planes arrive at certain times. 

For instance:

If Jon takes 15 minutes to eat his sandwich and Mary takes 18 minutes, who is quicker?

Peter arrives at home at 8.30, Sue arrives at 7:00 and Annie arrives at 9.30.  Is Peter earlier or later than Sue? Is Annie earlier or later than Peter?

Please practise this at home.

We have also continued our exploration of materials in Science.  We thought about which material would be best for a swimming costume and then tested them.  We also explored some historic modes of transport in preparation for our trip next week in history.


I look forward to seeing your Home Learning Journal on Monday.  Enjoy your weekend.


Miss Wane