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Welcome back to school after the Easter break.  I hope you all enjoyed your holiday.  We have started our new topic of Fairy Tales and there was a catastrophe on Tuesday morning.  The children came in to find the classroom in a state! There were oats on the tables, a broken chair, chairs knocked over and put on the table and an incredibly untidy book corner!  The children tidied up beautifully and then we thought about what had happened and who could have done this.  It turned out to be Goldilocks!  The children were rightfully outraged!  We read the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and made our own puppets for each character and then used a puppet theatre to retell the story.  We also made wanted posters for Goldilocks.  Please be on the look out for her, she may come to your house next!  In maths we have started multiplication.  We have thought of repeated addition and groupings.  We have also thought of arrays (rows of equal numbers) and tried counting in multiples (2s, 5s, or 10s- depending on the group).  The children have done this through practical means using counters to help them.  We have not thought of this as 'multiplication' yet, but we will soon.  In science we went on a Spring walk, and the weather was good for us!  We found blossom, buds on trees, flowers and new growth.  We have also thought about the Commonwealth Games as a way to introduce the continents and oceans and simple map skills.  Maybe you could do some finding of Commonwealth countries that won some of the medals and tell me a little about them in your Home Learning Journals.  On Friday we took part in Fun Fit which we enjoyed greatly, especially when we got to see some children from Fullbrook do their dance routines! 



Have a good weekend and I look forward to seeing everyone's Home Learning Journals on Monday.

Miss Wane