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Our topic at the moment is Super Heroes. We have been turning ourselves into Super Heroes and writing about what super powers we have. We have looked at the book 'Supertato' and used the iPads to write about how we (as our Super Hero self) would help Supertato rescue the vegetables from the Evil Pea. We took part in super hero training in PE. We passed so are now ready to go and save the world when it needs saving!


In maths we have been learning how to do subtraction and learning how to estimate. We have an estimation station set up in the classroom and every day we estimate how many objects are in the box. The teachers are very impressed with how good we are getting and how much it is helping our number formation. At the end of the day someone counts out the objects to see how close we were. 


We had a special treat when a theatre came in to put on a show for us during Book Week. It was great fun and showed us that reading stories and using our imaginations is good fun. We enjoyed the other fun activities in Book Week. 











Pinky and Gold are still having fun at all the sleepovers. More star awards have been received. The children are doing really well with their learning at the moment. Well done everyone keep up the hard work. 

Key Words which the Children will learn through the Reception Year.





the, and, I, Mum, Dad, Look, in,


a, can, love, to , she, he was


come, here, and, the, it ,is


they, this, like, went ,you, said


we, go, are , little, came, with


at, out, so, no big, my


very, me, help, her ,wanted, looked,


for, some, all, what, his, has


when, its, up, of, had, on,


that, there, then, but, for put


be, them, got, called, see ,were


from, now, I’m ,old, saw, your


About, an, as, asked, back, by


Children, could, day, him, into, just


Do, made, Mr, Mrs, down, not


make house off don’t oh one


People, same, their, time, too, will



How to form letters


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