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Welcome to Owl Class


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 In Owl class we have started learning our sounds. The sounds we have learnt so far are:

s a t i p n c k e h r m d g o u l f b j w v y z x qu ch sh th



We have learnt the sound as well as their name. We practiced writing them on white boards after we had seen how they are written from the magic pencil (the letter formation power point on the bottom of the webpage) and we sung the Jolly Phonics song to help us remember. is a link to a youtube video which has all the songs.  


The children could go on a sound hunt at home. What can you find that begins with the sounds we have learnt this week?


Next week we are going into out new phonics groups. We will be mixing with the Ladybirds and Hedgehogs. 


We have been learning about 2d shapes. The ones we know are square, rectangle, triangle and circle. We talked about each shapes properties such as how many corners and sides it has.  We enjoyed going on shape hunts. We could find lots of shapes around the classrooms and outside. Can you find any around your house? 


We read the story of the man in the moon, a day in the life of Bob.  We have written about Bob's day. He flies up to the moon everyday to keep it tidy and talks to the visitors when they come to visit. 


We have done well again in Celebration Assembly. George and Leonard received a star award for their progress in learning sounds. Well done boys you have tried really hard to learn your sounds. We got Attendance Ted again! We were the only class this time so we get to keep him in Owls all week. Let's see how long we can keep this up! 


Goldy had lots of fun with Frankie and Pinky is now off with Juanita. 









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Key Words which the Children will learn through the Reception Year.





the, and, I, Mum, Dad, Look, in,


a, can, love, to , she, he was


come, here, and, the, it ,is


they, this, like, went ,you, said


we, go, are , little, came, with


at, out, so, no big, my


very, me, help, her ,wanted, looked,


for, some, all, what, his, has


when, its, up, of, had, on,


that, there, then, but, for put


be, them, got, called, see ,were


from, now, I’m ,old, saw, your


About, an, as, asked, back, by


Children, could, day, him, into, just


Do, made, Mr, Mrs, down, not


make house off don’t oh one


People, same, their, time, too, will



How to form letters


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