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Jungle Bungle

As part of Book Week, today we enjoyed a performance of Jungle Bungle by theatre company West End in Schools. The story was all about a boy called Oliver and a girl called Claire....

When Claire agreed to go with that new boy Oliver on a pretend expedition they were only meant to go into his garden, but somehow they ended up a lot further away from home than that. There they were in a jungle without supplies, a mobile or a map! And all they had to point the way was that crazy compass that seemed to have a magical mind of its own. Oliver and Claire used the stories "Where the Wild Things Are", "Danny the Champion of the World", How to Heal a Broken Wing" and "The Huge Bag or Worries" to help them work out how to get home and how its good to be "a little bit crazy!"

We all really enjoyed watching the musical and thought it was fantastic!