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Welcome to Ladybird Class




What a lot of progress the children are making with their phonics. We have now finished learning all the phonemes.

So far they have learnt:


We have now moved on to learning digraphs which are two letters together which make one sound.

We have learnt:

ch, sh, th, qu

The children still enjoy singing their phonic songs


In Ladybirds we have started our topic of 'Space'. We have created a list of everything the children know already and what else they wish to find out.

"How big is the sun?"- Ruby

"What are clouds made of?" Noa

"How many stars are there?"


We have created 2D space rockets. The children have learnt that a 2D shape is a flat shape such as circle, square, rectangle and triangle. The children need to continue to work on describing the properties of the 2D shapes such as how many sides and corners do the shapes have?

Image result for simple 2d shape posters

Last week the children listened to the story of 'Man on the Moon'. The children had a go at writing captions to go with pictures. We are all trying really hard to hear initial sounds in words. 


  Image result for bob the man on the moon



This week is BLUE week (Be Lovely and Understanding to Everyone). We will be having a lot of discussions about how to be a good friend and what to do if people are not being very nice to you. 



From Mrs Mattholie, Mrs Butler and Mrs Peverall

Key Words which the Children will learn through the Reception Year.





the, and, I, Mum, Dad, Look, in,


a, can, love, to , she, he was


come, here, and, the, it ,is


they, this, like, went ,you, said


we, go, are , little, came, with


at, out, so, no big, my


very, me, help, her ,wanted, looked,


for, some, all, what, his, has


when, its, up, of, had, on,


that, there, then, but, for put


be, them, got, called, see ,were


from, now, I’m ,old, saw, your


About, an, as, asked, back, by


Children, could, day, him, into, just


Do, made, Mr, Mrs, down, not


make    house   off don’t    oh  one


People, same, their, time, too, will

How to Form Letters

How to Form Letters 1