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 Welcome to Hedgehog Class! 


Welcome back! We hope you had a very relaxing half term. We have had a very busy first week back at school. This week we started our new topic 'Minibeasts'. The children have loved learning new and interesting facts about different minibeasts such as bees, worms, ladybirds, snails and caterpillars. This week we wrote a riddle about one of the minibeasts , writing descriptive sentences about what they looked like and what they could do. The children have enjoyed listening to the clues and guessing what minibeast it might be!


  In maths this week we have been exploring the concept of sharing objects. The children have practised sharing bugs out between leaves and know to make sure that the same amount of bugs end up on each leaf. We have also explored sharing through having a teddy bears picnic, sharing the food out between the bears. The children have been using the language fair and unfair when talking about what they see.



The children have been really excited to have some special visitors in our classroom this week. We have some caterpillars with us and the children have been enjoying watching them grow. We are looking forward to seeing what happens next!


 Next week we will be continuing our topic of Minibeast by looking at the story 'What the Ladybird Heard' and will be recapping subtraction in maths and will be practising counting back to find the answer. 







Key Words the children will have to learn throughout the Reception year.





the, and, I, Mum, Dad, Look, in,


a, can, love, to , she, he was


come, here, and, the, it ,is


they, this, like, went ,you, said


we, go, are , little, came, with


at, out, so, no big, my


very, me, help, her ,wanted, looked,


for, some, all, what, his, has


when, its, up, of, had, on,


that, there, then, but, for put


be, them, got, called, see ,were


from, now, I’m ,old, saw, your

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