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Welcome to Fern Class

It has been lovely to welcome everybody back after the Christmas and to hear about the exciting times experienced over the holidays.  We would like to say thank you very much for all the kind cards and gifts we received - we are both very grateful. 

In Maths...

... we have recapped our number bonds to 10 and twenty as well as doubling numbers to 10.  Please continue to practise at home as this basic number knowledge really supports all the children's maths learning.

In Literacy ...

... children have written about their Christmas break.  We focused on using capital letters and full stops in our writing as well as a range of other punctuation.  Handwriting is improving and it is good to see children taking their time to carefully form the letters correctly.

We look forward to supporting your children through the next term and enjoying our new topic 'Night Time'.  If you are able to support our 'Night Time Adventure' which takes place on the 22nd January (more information to follow) please let us know. 


Many thanks,

Mrs Peters & Mrs Channell

Photos of Fern Class 2018 - 2019

Hanging our Christmas Decorations

Hanging our Christmas Decorations 1
Hanging our Christmas Decorations 2
Hanging our Christmas Decorations 3
Hanging our Christmas Decorations 4

Penguin Christmas Decorations

Penguin Christmas Decorations 1
Penguin Christmas Decorations 2
Penguin Christmas Decorations 3
Penguin Christmas Decorations 4


Apparatus 1
Apparatus 2
Apparatus 3
Apparatus 4

ICT Coding

ICT Coding 1
ICT Coding 2
ICT Coding 3

Making Poppies

Making Poppies 1
Making Poppies 2
Making Poppies 3

Division by Grouping

Visit from the author Sophie Ambrose

Visit from the author Sophie Ambrose 1
Visit from the author Sophie Ambrose 2

Autumn Pictures

Autumn Pictures 1
Autumn Pictures 2
Autumn Pictures 3
Autumn Pictures 4