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We have really enjoyed moving to our new topic- Polar Regions. We have learnt about The North Pole, South Pole, Arctic and Antarctic and where about they are on a map in relation to where we are. We have focussed on The Inuit people and have created information booklets about them. We discussed their homes, past times, diet and hunting. We are still focussing on getting the basics right in our writing. We all need to make sure that we are able to write good sentences that include plenty of information but are not too long. 

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Our maths work has been on the operations of multiplication and division. We have worked with objects to increase our understanding of multiplication being a number of groups of an amount- 3 x 2= would be 3 groups of 2. We then moved onto Division and discussed how we could show division as sharing. We decided to use arrays for this too and wrote numbers across the top to remind us how many 'people' we were sharing each amount between. 9÷3 would be 9 objects shared between 3 people. 
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