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Welcome to Fern Class

In Maths...

... we have been revisiting all of the learning we have done this year.  We have practised methods for each of the four signs and ensured that we are showing are workings out.  We have also checked that we are doing the correct calcualtions e.g we are taking away and not adding when we see this sign -

In Literacy ...

... we have started our new topic of 'Roald Dahl'.  We have foccused on the book the BFG and children have been writing descriptions of the characters and setting.  We have been really concentrating on our handwriting and presentation and it is super to see the progress.

In Science ...

... we have have made our observations of the bread experiment that we set up at the beginning of term.  Children were interested by the mould that has formed on the bread that was wrapped in the foil and in the plastic food bag.  It was also particularly interesting that it is the Finest loaf that has the most mould and we talked about the possible reasons for this.

Bread Science Experiment

Bread Science Experiment 1
Bread Science Experiment 2
Bread Science Experiment 3

During the last week of term, which is Science Week, children will be making a safety cycle helmet for an egg.  Please send in recyclable materials that could be used for this experiment.


Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Peters & Mrs Channell

Photos of Fern Class 2018 - 2019

Arts Week

Music Workshop

Music Workshop 1
Music Workshop 2
Music Workshop 3

Salt Dough Chameleons

Gamalan Workshop

Gamalan Workshop 1
Gamalan Workshop 2
Gamalan Workshop 3

Nocturnal Animal Masks

Nocturnal Animal Masks 1

Hanging our Christmas Decorations

Hanging our Christmas Decorations 1
Hanging our Christmas Decorations 2
Hanging our Christmas Decorations 3
Hanging our Christmas Decorations 4

Penguin Christmas Decorations

Penguin Christmas Decorations 1
Penguin Christmas Decorations 2
Penguin Christmas Decorations 3
Penguin Christmas Decorations 4


Apparatus 1
Apparatus 2
Apparatus 3
Apparatus 4

ICT Coding

ICT Coding 1
ICT Coding 2
ICT Coding 3

Making Poppies

Making Poppies 1
Making Poppies 2
Making Poppies 3

Division by Grouping

Visit from the author Sophie Ambrose

Visit from the author Sophie Ambrose 1
Visit from the author Sophie Ambrose 2

Autumn Pictures

Autumn Pictures 1
Autumn Pictures 2
Autumn Pictures 3
Autumn Pictures 4