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Fern Class watching a film clip that they would later write about.

Fern Class watching a film clip that they would later write about. 1

Its been a busy start to the new year.

We have begun to think about or new topic 'Night time' and have been thinking about animals that come out at night. We have learnt how to use the word 'nocturnal' and many new facts about animals. We all did a fantastic piece of writing about Plop...'The Owl who was afraid of the dark'. We read our writing back after it had been marked so that we could see the reasons why it was so good!

We have written riddles about nocturnal animals as well as writing our own version of the boom 'Oi Frog' with nocturnal animals which was really good fun.


We had a visit from Mike from Wildlife Aid and he taught us some more information about nocturnal animals.

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Our maths work has mainly been revision. We have been over the teaching that has taken place so far this year. There are lots of children who are not able to confidently state how many tens and ones there are in a number. When asked what 5 tens make they should be able to quickly recall this information. This would be something to practice at home. We have also talked lots about counting on from any number to find the difference, this could be done using tens and ones or for smaller differences just in steps of 1.
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