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Welcome to Daisy Class! 

     What a lovely active end to the week! Fun Fit was enjoyed by everyone in Daisy Class with everybody joining in with great enthusiasm. The children were rather red faced by the end of the session having carried out various different physical activities. We were then able to relax and watch some Fullbrook students perform gymnastic and dance routines. Daisy Class were very impressed by what they saw and were keen to talk about it in class afterwards.

     This week in literacy the children have ordered pictures of the events of The Fire of London. They have also written newspaper reports recounting the events of The Great Fire as if they were reporters from the time. Some of the reports produced were excellent and the children clearly enjoyed taking on a reporting role.

    In maths we have been focusing on quartering shapes and numbers having done halving last week. The children have worked very hard with this and are becoming more confident when working with fractions. 

     In science we have been regularly checking on our beans. They have taken a long time to start sprouting but some of them are now braving it! We are hoping that we might start to see more progress next week. 

     Olivia D and Natalie have been awarded Star Awards, well done to them!

     Daisy the Duck-billed Platypus had a lovely time with Jake and has gone to spend the weekend with Layla.