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Welcome to Daisy Class! 

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Last week was 'Feeling Good and Healthy Eating Week' and it began with our annual Sports Day.  It was an extremely hot morning but this didn't deter the children from trying their very best with each of the activities.  On Wednesday children took part in an activity led by an outside company called A-Life.  A circuit had been set up with lots of different challenges all of which promoted keeping fit.  The children loved it and there were a lot of red, happy faces by the end.   


In Literacy ...

 ... with have been using short animations about different bugs.  Children have really enjoyed these clips and have produced some excellent writing.  There is a definite improvement in everyone's handwriting and we are becoming more skilled at checking and editing our own work when we have finished.


In Maths ...

... we have been problem solving.  Children are becoming much better at working systematically and have shown some strong written methods.  These problems have required them to use all four operations and have tested their knowledge of time and money.

Maths Problem Solving

Maths Problem Solving 1
Maths Problem Solving 2
Maths Problem Solving 3

We have now begun rehearsing for our end of year production and children will soon be given lines to learn and suggestions for costumes.  If you have any questions please do ask.



Mrs Peters, Mrs Channell, Mrs Nettleship and Mrs Mulea

Photos of Daisy Class 2017- 2018

Dream Catching Drama

Jump Start Jonny Exercises

Jump Start Jonny Exercises 1
Jump Start Jonny Exercises 2


Time 1
Time 2
Time 3
Time 4

Decoding Bug Language from the book 'Du Iz Tak?'

Finding Fractions of Amounts

Finding Fractions of Amounts 1
Finding Fractions of Amounts 2
Finding Fractions of Amounts 3
Finding Fractions of Amounts 4

Mr Figus Visits

Mr Figus Visits 1
Mr Figus Visits 2
Mr Figus Visits 3
Mr Figus Visits 4

World Book Dressing Up Day

Painting Masks

Painting Masks 1

Maths Learning

Christmas Production

Christmas Production 1

Christmas Hats for A Christmas Lunch

Hanging Our Christmas Decorations


Sewing 1
Sewing 2
Sewing 3


Measuring 1

Multiplication and Division

Multiplication and Division 1
Multiplication and Division 2
Multiplication and Division 3

Dr Rabbit and the Tooth Defenders

Finding 'Tens' and 'Ones'

Using a Blank (Magic) Numberline

Using a Blank (Magic) Numberline 1
Using a Blank (Magic) Numberline 2

Making Clay Monsters

We Love Maths - Assembly Song


Harvest 1

Ten Frames & Multi-link

Finding the Tens and Ones in numbers

New Haw Library

New Haw Library 1
New Haw Library 2
New Haw Library 3
New Haw Library 4
New Haw Library 5
New Haw Library 6
New Haw Library 7
New Haw Library 8

Making Number Lines

Making Number Lines 1
Making Number Lines 2
Making Number Lines 3
Making Number Lines 4