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Welcome to Daisy Class! 

    What a busy week we have had!

    Because this week has been Blue Week we have been talking a lot about how we treat each other and about how we can show respect to others. Our literacy focus this week has been a book called Shaun the Shy Shark. The children discussed the emotions possibly being felt by the main character at various points in the story. They then produced some writing describing these emotions. 

    In maths we have been learning about measure. We have been measuring various objects in the classroom using cubes and rulers. We have discussed metres and centimetres. We then moved on to comparing measurements which is quite a tricky task.

    In RE this week we were talking about the Ten Commandments. The children then enjoyed writing their own Rules to Make the World a Better Place. If  your children made the rules for our world it would be a very happy place! They came up with some really lovely ideas.

     We finished the week with a circus drama workshop led by Perform. The class thoroughly enjoyed joining in with the drama based games. There are some photographs below.

    Our recent Star Award went to James and the Kindness Cup went to Mia. Well done! Daisy the Duck-billed Platypus had a lovely weekend with Alfie and has now gone to spend some time with Ellen.