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Welcome to Daisy Class! 

    The Monster topic this term is giving us an excellent starting point for our literacy. We have had a lot of fun writing about monsters, reading books about monsters and using monster video clips as a stimulus for our literacy.

    In maths we have been focusing on place value by discussing the value of each digit in a two digit number. We have then been using this to help us to add a one digit number to a two digit number before moving on to adding a multiple of ten to a two digit number.

    In science we have been discussing different materials and sorting them. In humanities we have had fun learning about the difference between a swamp and a marsh and then a river and a stream. In PSHE we had a really good discussion about what it means to be healthy, the children clearly had some great prior knowledge for us to build on. We talked about the importance of sleep, feeling good and keeping clean as well as exercise and healthy eating. 

    Our Star Awards so far have been presented to Jack, Mia and Danny. Well done to them! Daisy the Duck-billed Platypus had a great time at Annabelle's last weekend and has now gone to spend some time with Naomi.