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Welcome to Daisy Class! 

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It has been lovely to welcome all of the children back after the Easter holidays and with such beautiful weather!  They have all settled in well to the new term and we are ready and raring for the busy weeks ahead. 

In Maths ...

...we have been learning about time.  We have needed a refresher on how to tell the time to o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to so any practise of this at home will greatly further the learning.  We have also moved on to reading the time to the nearest 5 minutes and have looked at how this links with the 5 times table.  Duration of time has also been covered and some of us are beginning to show an understanding of this.  Next week we move on to Capacity so please keep going with reading the time on an analogue clock.



Time 1
Time 2
Time 3
Time 4

In Literacy ...

 ... with have started reading The BFG in line with our Topic of Roald Dahl.  Children have loved listening to the story and watching the short trailor for the recent film.  We planned and wrote a description of the street scene from the opening of the film and the vocabulary that children have used in their writing has been super!


In Science ...

... we have continued our learning of Seasonal Changes and children when on a Spring walk around the school.  They spotted many signs of Spring which they wrote about in Science books as well as on Spring blossom for our display.

On Friday we were feeling Fun and Fit!  Students from Fullbrook School came to support our Fun Fit activities and we were definitely feeling like we had had a good work out by the end of the morning. We rounded off our afternoon with some more physical activity using 'Jump Start Jonny' and it is was lovely to see the children really joining in and having a go, especially when they started singing.

Jump Start Jonny Exercises

Jump Start Jonny Exercises 1
Jump Start Jonny Exercises 2

If you have any questions about the learning or how you can support your child at home please do not hesitate to speak to us.



Mrs Peters, Mrs Channell, Mrs Nettleship and Mrs Mulea

Photos of Daisy Class 2017- 2018

Decoding Bug Language from the book 'Du Iz Tak?'

Finding Fractions of Amounts

Finding Fractions of Amounts 1
Finding Fractions of Amounts 2
Finding Fractions of Amounts 3
Finding Fractions of Amounts 4

Mr Figus Visits

Mr Figus Visits 1
Mr Figus Visits 2
Mr Figus Visits 3
Mr Figus Visits 4

World Book Dressing Up Day

Painting Masks

Painting Masks 1

Maths Learning

Christmas Production

Christmas Production 1

Christmas Hats for A Christmas Lunch

Hanging Our Christmas Decorations


Sewing 1
Sewing 2
Sewing 3


Measuring 1

Multiplication and Division

Multiplication and Division 1
Multiplication and Division 2
Multiplication and Division 3

Dr Rabbit and the Tooth Defenders

Finding 'Tens' and 'Ones'

Using a Blank (Magic) Numberline

Using a Blank (Magic) Numberline 1
Using a Blank (Magic) Numberline 2

Making Clay Monsters

We Love Maths - Assembly Song


Harvest 1

Ten Frames & Multi-link

Finding the Tens and Ones in numbers

New Haw Library

New Haw Library 1
New Haw Library 2
New Haw Library 3
New Haw Library 4
New Haw Library 5
New Haw Library 6
New Haw Library 7
New Haw Library 8

Making Number Lines

Making Number Lines 1
Making Number Lines 2
Making Number Lines 3
Making Number Lines 4