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Welcome to Clover Class

     The children have now settled into the new routines in Year One.


In English we have been using the book 'Can I Build Another Me?' to write sentences about what things they like/do not like and who lives in their house, using the keywords we have focused on - my, house, I, dad, mum, like.  In our handwriting we have been concentrating on the formation of letters 'c' and 'o'.  We will be expecting the children to correctly write the keywords learnt so far in their writing in future and to correctly form (with correct sizing) the letters we have concentrated on so far.


In Maths we have been carrying out lots of learning with numbers to ten.  Ordering numbers forwards and backwards and discussing what is one more/less than a given number.


In other learning we have been learning about our body parts and some of us have labelled a body.  We have also used sketching pencils to draw facial features, ears, nose, eyes and mouth.


Clover Chimp has spent weekends so far with Noa and Charlotte and this week will be going home with Mia.


Well done to those children who have received 'Star Awards' and to Leonard for receiving the Kindness Cup and Scarlett the Handwriting Hero Cup.


Mrs McKechnie                        Mrs Farrell