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Welcome to Clover Class

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     This week in Clover Class we have been doing lots of activities based on the B.L.U.E. week theme and our school value of 'respect'.


Our focus for our writing in English was 'This is our House'.  The children wrote sentences to describe why the main character was not very kind and how this made the children feel. 


In Maths the children have been learning to count up to twenty, using the strategy of counting on from ten, i.e. 10, 11, 12, 13 etc.  They have been using tens frames, counters and pictures to support this learning.



We have had lots of discussions about 'respect' and the children have many ideas as to how we can all be respectful.  They may like to write about these in their Home Learning Journals.


Thank you for taking the time to visit us on Tuesday and Thursday at the Parents Consultation meetings, it was lovely to be able to discuss how well your children are progressing in Year One.


Mrs McKechnie                        Mrs Farrell