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  We are at the end of another busy and fun filled week!  It has been BLUE Week so a lot of our learning has been linked to thinking about being lovely and understanding to everyone.  We spent time talking about how we are all unique and we have been celebrating our differences.  We all designed a puzzle piece to show what makes us special - see the photo below where we joined them together!


In Maths we have been working on addition.  We have been using a number line and counters to add.  E.G. For 8+4, we put our counter on the number 8 and then we did 4 jumps.  The number we landed on was our answer - 12!  Perhaps you could make your own number line and have a go at some more of this at home? 


We were lucky enough to have a visiting theatre group come in and perform for the children.  It was based around Maths and the children really enjoyed this. 


We finished the week by welcoming some visitors for Dads and Grandads Reading afternoon - this is a really special event and the children listened beautifully to the stories.


Well done to all those children who have been bringing in their home learning journals each Monday to share with the class.  Miss Conroy really enjoyed looking at them this week! 


Have a lovely weekend!