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In preparation for our school trip, the children had the opportunity to handle artefacts loaned to us from Brooklands Museum, and to discuss what materials the objects could be made of.  Following the trip itself in English the children wrote a recount of the day.  We have also been focusing on grammar, by learning about the suffix 'ed' and adding plurals 's' and 'es'.


In maths we have continued learning about time.  The children used stopwatches to time their friends running and recorded these times.  We also watched clips of Olympic events and discussed these using the language faster, slower, fastest and slowest.  Additionally we have returned to learning how to partition 2-digit numbers into tens and ones with numbers up to 100.



In science we continued our learning about materials and considered which material would be the most suitable for making a swimming costume out of, we then tested these materials and used the terms absorbent and waterproof,


We had a fantastic time at Brooklands Museum on Wednesday, there are photographs below to show you everything we did.  It was a very busy day!  Thank you to the parents who were able to accompany us on the trip.



Mrs McKechnie                        Mrs Farrell  

Keywords covered so far:
the, go, his, they, and, to, he, she, my, mum, I, was, her, is, be, are, look, dad, has, said, there, have, when, saw, like, were, people, friend, little, by, house, children, once, time, because, who, first, came, so, do, where, all, some, here, we put, back, today, up, come, what, our, of, me, I'm, don't, could, you, you're, one, big, very, ask, into, their, say, Mr, Mrs, full, love, out.
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