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Welcome to Clover Class

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This week in English we will have continued our topic of 'fairytales' with the story of 'Red Riding Hood'.  The children wrote a character description of either Red Riding Hood or the Wolf and next week will be retelling the story, using our story language.


In maths we have been using resources to find a number and then to share the objects into 2/5 or 10 groups, which is the start of division.   This learning will continue next week.


In science we have been making and writing about our observations of our sunflowers.


Today we visited New Haw Library which the children found very exciting, both the walk and the reading of books inside the library was fun!


Finally a huge thank you for your support with costumes for our Fairytale Day, all the children looked amazing (photographs below).  We had a great time in our 'Red Riding Hood' drama workshop and loved making puppets and wanted posters.




Mrs McKechnie                        Mrs Farrell  

Keywords covered so far:
the, go, his, they, and, to, he, she, my, mum, I, was, her, is, be, are, look, dad, has, said, there, have, when, saw, like, were, people, friend, little, by, house, children, once, time, because, who, first, came, so, do, where, all, some, here, we put, back, today, up, come, what, our, of, me, I'm, don't, could, you, you're, one, big, very, ask, into, their, say.