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Welcome to Buttercup Class




Well, Buttercup have survived Year One! I am so impressed with how much you have achieved this year, both in your learning and how much you have grown as people!  Well done!

As a way to finish the year Buttercup have been working on their team work skills and their skills as Share-a-dactyls and Solve-a-sauruses as they worked in pairs to make rockets.  Buttercup also had a Marble Jar Party to celebrate the end of the year and they decorated their own biscuits.

I have loved being your teacher this year and I know that you will give your new teacher as much joy as you have given me.  Good luck in Year Two and don't forget to come and say hello when you see me!


Have a lovely summer and enjoy yourselves!

lots of love,


Miss Wane

A small Thank You from me and Mrs Goodway to those who bought us gifts this term and those who gave to the FROGs collection.  You have been incredibly generous and we greatly appreciate it.  smiley Once again, have a lovely summer.

Some of you asked me for some Summer Holidays activities on Purple Mash at celebration evening.  I have set some as To Dos if you want to have a go at them you can.  By no means is it compulsory for you to do them.  The most important thing is that you enjoy yourselves over the break.