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Welcome to Buttercup Class

Now that we are heading towards the end of the first half of the autumn term the children have really settled into their new class. They have been working really hard and are understanding the importance of good listening, especially in maths. They are working hard to understand the relationship between addition with objects and addition number sentences. Part, part whole is a concept that the children understand and are familiar with. In this method we talk about the total being the whole number and the 2 numbers that are being added as the parts. This enables the children to physically move objects from the part sections to the whole.

The keywords he, she, by, saw, was, look have been the focus for the last 2 weeks. Whenever the children write these in the classroom they are expected to do so correctly. They are clearly displayed to help them. All of the keywords covered so far are clearly displayed in the classroom to help them and encourage them to spell them correctly. If they could practise reading and writing these at home, that would be fabulous. 

The letters we have covered in handwriting so far are c, o, a, d, g. We expect the children to form these letters correctly and ensure they are the correct size compared to other letters. These are all things that the children could practise in their Home Learning Journal.

They children have written about things that they see on their way to school and have been encouraged to use adjectives when writing about a fantasy world that they created.