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Welcome to Buttercup Class

What a lovely week we have had!

    We started the week by reading the book Whatever Next. It is about a bear who decides he wants to go to the moon and tells the story of his travels. We had a great time discussing the story and then acting it out. The children then produced story maps of the book and used these to retell the story in their writing books later in the week. Some children wrote at length using adjectives and conjunctions (and, but, so, because) and were very proud of their work.

    Our focus in maths this week was 2D shape. We named and described common 2D shapes, played a shape matching game on Purple Mash and went on a shape hunt. We had a lovely time in the playground hunting for shapes, we had no idea how exciting 2D shapes could be! (photos below)

    The highlight of the week has to be our visit from the Star Lab. What a great experience! A huge tent was inflated in the hall ready for our trip to space. We were introduced to James who was the guide for our trip. He explained that we would have to enter the tent in small groups so that it didn't deflate. Once we were all in and sitting around the edge James started the show. We all put our space suits on and counted down to our departure. James projected pictures of the planets we were passing on to the inside of the tent. He then used a special projector to project stars across the whole ceiling of the tent. We saw millions of stars and learnt about the constellations. We all had an amazing time in the Space Lab and learnt a lot. Despite the obvious excitement from the children their behaviour was excellent, well done Buttercup Class.

    The Star Award this week went to Alder for some great writing, well done Alder! Buttercup Banana came back from a lovely weekend with Ethan and has gone to spend some time with Gabi.