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Welcome to Buttercup Class

In Buttercup Class in maths the children have been practising using and understanding numbers to 50. This has involved looking carefully at how we can tell how many tens and ones there are in a number as well as lots of different counting activities. It is important to know when counting up tens and ones when to change from counting in tens to counting in ones. It would be great if the children could practise counting in this way: 10, 20, 30, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44 etc. The children have also been encouraged to listen to what they can hear when they say most 2 digit numbers. This doesn't work for 10-19 or any of the 'ty' numbers but is a useful thing to listen out for in other numbers. They have also been using 10 frames and dienes to help with their counting as when they are solving number problems they need to be able to draw or visualise what these 2 digit numbers look like.

Our work on explorers has almost come to an end. Following our class assembly where the children learnt about many different explorers we moved on to think about another new explorer. This was Ernest Shackleton who was a polar explorer. The children learnt about how he became famous and wrote some facts about him. Their learning during around the world week linked to USA includes learning facts, learning about the flag and thinking about the location of USA within the world. 

Keywords covered so far: the, go, his, they, and, to, he, she, my, mum, I, was, her, is, be, are, look, dad, has, said, there, have, when, saw, like, were, people, friend, little, by, house, children, once, time, because, who, first, came, so, do, where, all, some, here, we put, back, today, up, are, come, what, our, of, me

Pictures include reactions to the taste of some fruit...