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Welcome to Buttercup Class

In maths the children have been trying hard to make links between the use of a 10 frame to represent 10 and more and using dienes. We talked about how ten ones are the same as a full 10 stick and also how dienes make it easy to see 10 in a 10 stick. We practised swapping 10 ones for a 10 stick and then showing teen numbers using a 10 stick and ones. The children have then recorded some numbers in their books using a pictorial  representations of 10 sticks and ones. 

The keywords that the children have been learning are still being spelt correctly thanks to the frequency in which they have been referred to. They have been looking at the story 'The Gingerbread Man'. The children had to retell the story in their own words. They used some great story language and remembered lots of things from the story. They just need to try not to forget all of the amazing things that they know how to do when writing. Lots of people forgot to use full stops and to split their writing into sentences and others lots the neatness in their handwriting. We will now go back to looking at simple sentences before having another go at writing a story.

Keywords covered so far: the, go, his, they, and, to, he, she, my, mum, I, was, her, is, be, are, look, dad, has, said, there, have, when, saw, like, were, people, friend, little, by, house, children, once, time, because, who, first

Pictures include reactions to the taste of some fruit...