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We have been really enjoying our topic of The Great Fire of London this week. We placed the events in chronological order and written our own diary entries as Samuel Pepys, imagining we had just seen the fire out of our window. 

Next week we'll find out about how they rebuilt London and write our own persuasive letter to King Charles II. 


In Maths we have begun learning about fractions. We started by finding half of a shape and then moved onto halves of amounts. We discovered that a half is just the same as dividing by 2 so we can use our sharing method for it! Next week we'll look at quarters and thirds.


Next Friday is National Skipping Day and Fun Fit so please make sure full PE kits are in school and any skipping ropes you have at home.

All Around the World Week - Egypt

Christmas Decorations

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Christmas Hats

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Arctic Animal Art

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