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Welcome to Bluebell Class

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It has been very busy with production rehearsals recently! It is coming together and will be a brilliant show for everyone to see. Please keep practicing lines at home as well as using a loud voice and remembering when it is their turn to speak. 

We will be having a dress rehearsal next week so please ensure costumes are in and labelled. 


After the children visited the Juniors this week we have been spending time talking about their feelings about the move as well as answering any questions they might have. We have been completing a transition book that will be sent home with the children over the summer holidays for them to look at whenever they feel nervous or worried. 


We hope you enjoy the End of Year production of 'Hats off!' if you are able to make it to any of the performances.

Egg Cycle Helmets Experiment

Chick Observations

All Around the World Week - Egypt

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